the apostrophic epidemic

I often wonder who patient zero was.

I imagine that some lowly shopkeeper went out to paint “Bananas $3” on his sign, and was stricken with an uncontrollable urge to add an apostrophe. And soon his banana was the proud owner of $3. Not to be outdone, his rival down the street advertised “Banana’s 2 Dollar’s.” Then someone from the town full of affluent bananas went on a trip, carrying the contagion with him. “Train’s Departing Every 5 Minute’s.”

The pandemic had begun.

One thought on “the apostrophic epidemic

  1. jff says:

    New Yorker cartoon of girl talking to a teacher who is trying to correct her “Mothers’ Day” card:
    I have two mommies. I know where the apostrophe goes.

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