The Botchionary

My smart and funny botch makes up words. Really brilliant words. Sometimes she inspires me, too, and sometimes our texts make up words when we’re not looking (e.g., botch. As in, “Where’s your party at, botch?”)

She was the one who coined the term fontidious (fastidious about fonts) after I went off on our other peep over his (in my opinion) misuse of italics.
(see also fonticular: particular about fonts)

Here are some others:

  • Fuzzidue: the line of dust left over after you sweep stuff into the dustpan
  • Slugma: the trail left by a slug
  • Stupendify: “I had a great idea this morning. It’ll be a big seller. I’ll be on Oprah. I’ll make a million dollars!!”
  • Badnification: taking such a negative view of whatever is happening that an average event has now become a significant problem (antonym: stupendification)
  • Perfectionalysis (perfection + paralysis): the inability to begin a project caused by the fear that whatever you’re about to do won’t be perfect
  • Crapsmanship: what happens when *I* try to build something
  • Factulator: one who spews facts
  • Boraborating: elaborating in an extremely boring way
  • Horrorscope: what I read each morning, so I will be ready for the impending disasters of the day
  • Frilliant: freakin’ brilliant

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