Frosting is my favorite food group. I consider cake to be merely a vehicle to convey frosting to my mouth.

And what the hell does that have to do with typography, design, or this blog?

While I am probably one of the best print designers on the planet, (also, modest), learning web design has not exactly been a piece of cake. (See how I tied that in there?) When I tried to create my very first website, it was not pretty. Literally. At one point a picture of an American flag with camouflage behind it showed up in the page. Out of nowhere. Then I tried to design my own portfolio website ( My poor, beleaguered, tech-savvy friend tried so hard to help me:

Him: Your friend has a cake (maybe that’s why he’s your friend). You like it, but want to add vanilla extract to the recipe.
What we did with Firefox is like taking a piece of the cake and trying to stuff vanilla extract into it. Doesn’t really work.
Instead, you need to get all the ingredients and add vanilla to that, then make the cake.
Then, when someone eats a piece, they get the new, improved, vanilla-yummy version.

Me: Does the cake have frosting?

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